KAN-ZAKÉ (warmed Saké) is a tradition and unique culture of Japan.
SAKENET AUSTRALIA is the only KAN-ZAKÉ specialist in Australia.

FOOD DELIVERIES CHACO RAMEN frozen kits and CHACO BAR Yakitori kit delivery is back for the Sydney's 2nd lockdown. Stay safe and enjoy Sydney's famous Ramen at home. Please check the available area and delivery schedule.
ONLINE SAKÉ TASTING Our first online Saké tasting event with Benten-musume will be on Sunday 12th September. Please book your ticket now for receiving a tasting kit before the date.
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SAKÉ Junmai (pure rice), Jukusei (Aged) and Kan (Warmed) Sakés, selected by SAKENET AUSTRALIA. If you like clasic / traditional style Saké, this is where you should expore.
SHOCHU Shochu is spirits made from sweet potato, wheat, rice, brown suger or many other ingredients. As with sake, shochu has long history and tradition. We only stock traditional premium shochu.
UMESHU Umeshu from our saké / shochu makers. All hand crafted premium Umeshu.
CHOMIRYO Hand-crafted Japanese cooking ingredients. We stock only "Hakko Chomiryo" which is fermented cooking ingredients. Soy sauce, miso, rice vinegar, mirin and ryori-shu (cooking saké).
NON-ALCOHOL DRINKS Green tea, Yuzu soda. All hand-made and natural ingredients from small makers.
UTSUWA Homewares help complement food and drinks. We believe that using nice plates and cups makes for a positive dining experience.

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