SHIN-SHU : Saké newly made in the season, and generally released between December and March. It is an exception that Sakenet may recommend this type of saké to be served as cold (Rei-shu).

Currently we have these three shin-shu.

Unpasteurised and undiluted version of Junmai Gohyakumangoku. Very dry but has lots of Umami from the ingredient rice. As it is slightly cloudy by the Arabashiri method, has more sweetness than Benten-musume's other Saké. Also may have a bit of bubbles, depend on the conditions of fermentation. The final specification will be shown when the production is finished at the late of December.

This years "Rakufumai Shiboritate" is not unpasteurised, but freshly bottled and pasteurised once just after the fermentation. It is not Genshu (undiluted) but has 17% alcohol contents as small amount (1/4 of usual) dilution. It is a bit sweet side and has clean acidity.

Shichihonyari produces many good Kan-zaké with dry and sharp finish. However, their Nama Genshu "Shiboritate" has sweetness and juicy texture.