Taketsuru: "Ozasaya" Junmai-daiginjo Genshu 11BY 720ml


ingredient: Yamadanishiki
polished: 40%
ABV: 15.6%
SMV: +5.5
acid: 1.8
year: 1999

One of the highest grade Sakés from Taketsuru. Which means a Saké with the best ingredients of the year they received, and the most intensive work from the craftsmen of Taketsuru.

Taketsuru's Junmai-daiginjo is released with 3 to 4 years ageing. However, they decided to put several more years to be aged for this vintage. The alcohol content of this Saké is 15.6%. It is quit low as Genshu (undiluted Saké) and it may be related to the reason why they did not release it with their normal ageing period.
Also it is made from Yamadanishiki rice. Currently, Taketsuru does not use Yamadanishiki for their Saké. This is another unique point of this item.

*Genshu : Undiluted Saké. Stronger flavour and stronger alcohol content (19% to 20% in many case). You can enjoy the original flavour of Saké.

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