The characteristics of Taketsuru's Sake, are the color, and the balance of Umami with Acidity. The color of the Sake is also a good indicator of how well it has been aged, and the amount of Umami. The well balanced acidity matches perfectelly with meat dishes or spicy food. The master brewer of Taketsuru, Mr. Ishikawa, believes that growing healthy yeast and lactic acid bacteria creates well balanced Sake.


When was your brewery established?

What is your annual output?
500 koku or 90,000 litres

Including the Tōji (Master brewer) how many brewers do you have?

What is your emphasis in brewing Sake?
Rather than trying to rigidly control the brewing process, we like to go with the flow and bring out the best Sake under all conditions.

In 100 words or less tell us what is Taketsuru’s appeal?
Working in a traditional industry such as Sake Brewing, Taketsuru aims not only to carry on the skills and knowledge of our forefathers, but also to develop them to enhance the enjoyment of Japanese Sake.
Please don’t be constrained by preconceived notions, and just enjoy our Sake as it is. It is our deepest wish and hope that you will be able to have a richer culinary experience through our Sakes.

Which Sake, from Taketsuru’s line up do you recommend?
Ozasaya Taketsuru Kimoto Jyunmai Genshu

How would you drink this Sake and what kinds of food does it go with?
A slightly hot Okan, with Beef.