When was your brewery established?

What is your annual output?
400 koku or 72,000 litres

Including the Tōji (Master brewer) how many brewers do you have?

What is your emphasis in brewing Sake?
We are practising and refining the skills and knowledge of our ancestors to bring out the best of our locally grown rice.

In 100 words or less tell us what is Gunmaizumi’s appeal?
Yamahai is a technique that combines the power of nature, through naturally occurring lactobacilli that live in the brewery, with the experience, skills, and hard work of the brewers to grow a yeast starter. It’s an ancient Japanese technique that is rarely practised these days.
We brew Sake with a strong natural acidity, and a deep luscious flavour.

Which Sake, from Gunmaizumi’s line up do you recommend?

How would you drink this Sake and what kinds of food does it go with?
Room temp ~ slightly chilled. It goes well with creamy, cheesy sauce dishes.