Izumibashi "O-kan" set (saké + saké warmer + 2 flat cups) [A]

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"O-kan" is a great enjoyment of cold winter season in Japan. (Japanese people used to enjoy "O-kan" all year around.) Literally it means hot /warm saké. But "O-kan" is not only about temperature of saké, but also whole process of making and drinking saké warm.
This "O-kan" set offers you to have a traditional "O-kan" experience easily. And what you need additionally is only hot water.
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*The red dragonfly is the trademark of Izumibashi saké maker.
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This set includes,
1 x 720ml bottle of saké (Izumibashi: Junmai-ginjo "Ao-lavel")
1 x saké warmer S (150ml capacity)
2 x flat saké cups
The saké warmer has 2 parts. Please pour hot (80 - 90˚C) water into the outer part (left of this picture) upto half. And pour saké into the inner part (right of this picture). Then set the inner part into the outer part.
Wait for 3 to 5 minuites or untill the saké reaches your favourite temperature (usually 40 - 50˚C). Then take the inner part out from the outer part and pour saké into the flat cup.
You can keep the saké warm with return the inner part back into the outer part.
The flat cups also have red dragonfly mark. The shape of flat cup is designed for drinking hot saké. It makes the taste of sake milder. And with this size, you won't get your saké cold before you finish it.

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