Asahikiku: Tokubetsu-junmai "Ayaka" 29BY 1800ml


ingredient: Yamadanishiki
polished: 60%
ABV: 15%
SMV: +4
acid: 1.4
year: 2017

  • size:1800ml,
  • rice:Yamadanishiki,
  • polished:60%,
  • nihonshudo:+4,
  • Acid1.4 Alc15.0%,

Colour is very pale straw and aroma is warm and malt. Dry with astringency around edges leaving astringent aftertaste earthy flavour of rice. At 40˚C warm, dry earthy taste with slight astringency at edges. No distinctive flavour - sake flavour. Not WOW! but pleasant and easy to drink. You need it in your cellar.


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  • Model: KIK001-1800-H29