Andosuigun: Junmai-daiginjo "Shirakami no shizuku" 28BY 1800ml


ingredient: Hanaomoi
polished: 50%
yeast: n/a
ABV: 16.4%
SMV: +4.5
acid: 1.4
amino acid: n/a
year: 2016

size: 1800ml
rice: Hanaomoi
polished: 50%
nihonshudo: +4.5
Acid 1.4   Alc 16.4%

Fresh, fruity peach/pear aroma with underlying rice.  Clean, fresh peachy flavour with underlying earthy rice/malt.  Dry with slight pleasant acidity in aftertaste.   At 40˚C delightlful piquant blend of the flavours leaving a brief 'zingy', astringent aftertaste.


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  • Model: AND003-1800-H28