Kaishun: Junmai "Yamaguchi" 21BY 1800ml


  • size:1800ml,
  • rice:Yamadanishiki,
  • polished:65%,
  • nihonshudo:+7,
  • Acid1.9 Alc14.5 No.7 yeast,

The alcohol is only 14.5% instead of the normal 15~16% but the flavour is clear and full. Clearly made by master brewer Ryoma Yamaguchi. When heated the clarity of flavour appears to be slightly blurred but it is rather that it actually becomes fuller and more rounded - very easy to drink. Compared to Kaishun Kimoto Nishida - using same Yamadanishiki, the delicacy of flavour of this sake can not be denied but it is good value.

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  • Model: WAK005-1800-H21