Hiokizakura: Junmai-ginjo "Yama warau Ver.5" 1800ml


rice:Yamadanishiki (H5BY 15%/H19BY 85%)


The Yama-warau series are blends of sakés of different vintages. Verion 5 is a blend of 15% of 5BY(1993) 35% polished Yamadanishiki and 85% of 19BY(2007) 60% polished Yamadanishiki. It’s a very interesting clash of opposites, very highly polished 35% versus less polished 60%, and Very old saké, 24yrs, versus a relatively youngling, 10yrs. The first impression is definitely says “koshu” with its distinct miso-esque aroma, but as it hit my palate I noticed a refreshing hint of green apple, that I wasn’t expecting, maybe it comes from the highly polished koshu… The umami has been well developed over time, making it a great partner for your meal, in fact it would take a great amount of will power NOT to reach for a delectable little morsel! Finally, it goes without saying that if you really want to open this baby up, you need to turn up the heat.

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  • Model: HIO018-1800-V05