Andosuigun brewery is located in very northernmost point of the main island of Japan. Being so far north, its climate is very cold. Andosuigun uses spring water from the Unesco world heritage listed mountains, Shirakami-sanchi. This produces a very clear and well structured Sake.


When was your brewery established?

What is your annual output?
400 koku or 72,000 litres

Including the Tōji (Master brewer) how many brewers do you have?

What is your emphasis in brewing Sake?
Back to basics.

In 100 words or less tell us what is Andosuigun’s appeal?
We are brewing Sake that brings out the best of the beautiful water we receive from the world heritage Shirakami mountain ranges.

Which Sake, from Andosuigun’s line up do you recommend?
Tokubetsu Junmai Andosuigun

How would you drink this Sake and what kinds of food does it go with?
At room temperature or slightly warmed, with Chinese or yellow tail teriyaki.